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We have categorised our products into 4 main categories, Pressure Tanks, Stirrer Units, Dispensers/Valves, and Hibar Pumps with our recommended products for each purpose to ease your problem of searching through our products catalogue

Pressure Tanks

Purpose Recommended Product/Model
Exert Pressure to push out the liquid Pressure Tank TA series
Pour corrosive / strong liquid into the tank PFA/FEP Coating
Ceramic Coating
Looking for pressure tank of 40L and above Customized Pressure Tank
Pressure Tank TN40A/TN40B
Pressure Tank TN50A
Pressure Tank TN100A
Adjusting air pressure Regulator TRG series
Adjusting the opening & closing of liquid and air Level Ball Valve UBL series
Butterfly Valve UBB series
Check the liquid in the tank Top Peep Hole USK series
Top Peep Hole USO series
Side Peep Hole
Want to know the remaining liquid Load Cell Weighing Machine
Float Switch
Level Gauge
Heating the liquid in the tank Tank Heater Jacket
Tank Heater Silicone Rubber
Pressure Tank with Jacket
Pushing liquid from bottom of the tank Pressure tanks Series
Pour high viscosity liquid into the tank Pressure Tank TMB series
Pressure Tank TMC series
Pressure Tank TB series
Pressure Tank TN series
Looking for low cost tanks Pressure Tank TM series
Looking for tanks that is convenient to carry around Pressure Tank TM series
Pressure Tank TK series
Opening the tank lid safely during operation Clamp Stand
Safety Measure Cover
Non pressure tanks Pressure Tank TG series

Hibar Pumps

Purpose Recommended Product/Model
Dispense / Fill low volume Hibar Pump B series
Dispense / Fill high volume Hibar Pump F Series
Dispense low viscosity liquid Hibar Pump B series CV type
Hibar Pump F series CV type
Hibar Pump H series
Dispense high viscosity liquid Hibar Pump B series RV type
Hibar Pump F series RV type
Hibar Pump H series
Doing maintenance with ease Hibar Pump H series
Prevent liquid dripping Shut-off Nozzle
Prevent contamination Pharma Pump