Dispensing Tips / Dispensing Needles

Unicontrols offers a comprehensive range of dispensing needles in various lengths, shapes and styles to meet a variety fluid dispensing applications from fluid dispensing tips to adhesive dispensing tips. Selection of the tip is crucial to ensure precision dispensing is achieved and length, shape and size of the tip will define the shape of the fluid deposit and performance of your dispenser system.

Our Tapered Nozzles are molded from polyethylene with UV light black additive which are suitable for high viscosity fluids.

Our Flouroresin Dispensing Needles are ideal for dispensing low viscosity fluids and cyanoacrylates (super glue) materials. They resist cyanoacrylate and prevent damage to substrates.

We supply Stainless Steel Needles with needle tips bend to the angle as requested by customers. These needles help access difficult areas.

The Disposable Needles are comprised of a polypropylene hub and a 304 stainless steel needle which can be used with a wide variety of low to high viscosity fluids.

Our Luer Lock Adapters are made of SUS316 and have good corrosion and chemical resistance to solvents, acids and resin fluids.