Hibar Pumps

Hibar Systems Limited is the leader in the pioneering and development of high quality and high precision dispensing pumps or metering pumps (Capacity measurement type pumps), and these hibar pumps are being used in over 40 countries all over the world for precision measurement.

The pumps are used by battery manufacturers from all over the world for filling batteries with electrolytes, and have set the global standard in the battery industry. Other than in the battery industry, these precision hibar metering pumps are also widely used in the manufacturing of household products such as food, cosmetics, medical supplies, detergents etc.

Unicontrols Co., Ltd has been appointed by Hibar as its exclusive Hibar distributor to sell Hibar precision dispensing pumps and fillers in South East Asia including Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. Additionally, Hibar products are also sold in China by our subsidiary company, “Unicontrols (Shanghai) Liquid Dispensing Equipment Co.,Ltd”.