Pneumatically Driven Dispensing Pumps

Pneumatically Driven Plunger Pumps can perform high precision dispensing because of their system of capacity measurement using a high precision micrometer. (For example: When using plunger pump 1BC5M to dispense 0.5cc, the precision is ±0.5%)

Characteristics Of The Pump

  • The pump size can be easily changed by replacing the pump head and the plunger. The volume dispensed can be easily changed by using a high precision micrometer.
  • Since the suction and dispensing speed can be adjusted separately, the most suitable dispensing conditions can be set.
  • Since we have the all kinds of materials for the parts that contact into contact with liquids known as wetted parts, various liquids can be dispensed. There are 2 types of valves, check valves and rotary valves. Therefore, low viscosity to high viscosity materials can be handled.