Servomotor Driven Dispensing Pumps

There are 2 types of Servomotor Driven Plunger Pumps, the B series is stepper motor driven, while the F series is servo-controlled pulse motor driven.

Characteristics Of The Pump

  • The pump size can be easily changed just by replacing the pump head and the plunger.
  • The pump can be operated at a steady speed from a low speed by making it pulse motor driven.
  • The values can be easily set again by digitizing all the settings.
  • You can use a generic PC to easily enter and manage data. (Software: Windows version). A PC can be used to confi­gure each pump as well as check its operation.
  • You can easily change the data as well as check the operation of the pump on-site by connecting a communications box to a B series plunger pump (optional), and a teaching box to an F series plunger pump  (as an accessory).
  • Since the actuator is separated from the controller, it is easy to maintain and possible to control at a location other than the work environment.
  • Stroke and speed settings can be controlled using a PC or an external control device (PLC).