Standard Pressure Tanks

Since 1976, Unicontrols has been the world’s leading pressure tank manufacturer in producing stainless steel pressurized tanks in Japan. We have been focusing on research and development of new products to keep up with the latest technology and trend. Realising the potential and demand for stainless steel pressure tanks, we have provided a standard series of pressurized tanks with various capacity and designs kept in stock available upon order. We pride ourselves in providing high quality stainless steel air pressure tanks with the state-of-the-art equipment coupled with our know-how knowledge and expertise.

Our pressure tanks are in compliance with the rules & regulations established by Japanese Industrial Standards, and we have established a factory in China to manufacture pressure tanks which are in compliance to China’s rules & regulations.

We provide a variety of pressurized tanks and tank accessories for customers from different industries such as chemical, food, medicine or pharmaceuticals, paint or coatings, and ink, etc, including those with special shape and size, or involved relatively high sanitary or sealing requirement, or equipped with complicated heat exchanger or pressure / temperature / weight sensor or various stirring / discharging devices. Our pressure tanks provides a simple way to continuously supply dispensing materials to your dispensing systems without the need to frequently replace syringe barrels and cartridges.