Syringe Barrels, Cartridges and Accessories

Unicontrols provides a wide range of high quality dispensing accessories such as disposable syringes, barrels, caps, adapters, nozzles, dispensing tips and needles and cartridges in different styles, sizes and materials to meet any requirements for your fluid dispensing application. They improve yields and reduce costs by producing the most accurate, repeatable fluid deposits.

Our syringe barrel adapter assemblies connect a syringe barrel to controller to dispense fixed volume. It comes in 2 forms, the normal syringe barrel adapter and stainless steel syringe barrel adapter which have excellent chemical resistance.

Our fluid syringe barrels come in various types of sizes, colors or styles. They are industrial grade and are made from polypropylene. Our natural syringe barrels are used for generic applications and amber barrels for UV curing and light sensitive materials.

Our tip caps and end caps provide airtight seal to the top and bottom of the syringe barrel to prevent air and contaminants from entering into the syringe barrel when not in use or storage.

Our barrel plungers spread pressure evenly across the fluid to provide consistent dispensing even for high viscosity materials. They prevent air entrapment and ensure no material residue is left on the syringe barrel walls by cleaning the syringe interior with its wiping edges.

The disposable cartridges provide a clean, efficient and low-cost method for material packaging to meet all types of production requirements.  They are available in 170cc and 340cc and they can be dispensed directly using a metal cartridge holder and a cap.

Plungers with a wiper leading edge clean each cartridge thoroughly. Caps and plugs to seal both ends of the cartridge are available.