Tank Mixers / Tank Stirrers

Points on the selection of Tank Mixers or Tank Stirrers

We have a wide range of models and blade designs of tank mixers or tank stirrers available so that you can select an appropriate system based on the material characteristics and application. Each tank stirrer unit is also available in an E-type model with a removable shaft.

Selection point 1: What is the material you are using?
Selection of the motor, shape of the tank stirrer blade and whether to include a baffle plate is decided based on di­fferences in material characteristics, viscosity, specific gravity etc.
Selection point 2: What is the required capacity?
The motor torque is selected based on the material capacity.
Selection point 3: Does it need to be explosion-proof?
If explosion-proof is required, select an air motor type of tank mixer / tank stirrer.
Selection point 4: What are the other conditions?
The shaft and blade coating and blade position are selected based on the material. We also manufacture tank stirrer blades in designs other than the standard ones upon your request. Please contact our sales department for more information.