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We have wide variety of fluid dispensing products. Hibar pumps and pressure tanks that can be used in various industries as shown below.


Accuracy and precise dispensing are the requirements for filling electrolytes in the battery industry.
Hibar Pumps, which is superior in precise dispensing, are widely used in this industry.


Applying small volume of silicone to LED

LED epoxy filling

Our items are widely used in LED industry for the application of coloring agent.


Dispensing of fixed volume of topcoat agent to BD/DVD

We recommend the items as follows to prevent the microbubble from occurring to the bonding agent of the top coat on the DVD and BD.


Line drawing between crystallines glass

Coating of smartphone touch panel

Small volume dispensing is required to be used in many electronic parts in the manufacturing of smartphones and tablets. Our products are suitable for dispensing small volumes.


Dispensing of solder paste in IC base

Applying diagram touch materials

Applying underfill to phillip tip implementation

Applying resists is a common application in the semiconductor industry.
Our dispensers are used in the production of the print circuit board or wafer.


Sealing with epoxy by relay

Electrolyte filling into the electrolytic capacitor

Electrolyte filling into the electrolytic capacitor

Our products are used in filling epoxy resin and coating of electronic parts.


Immersing medicinal solution for insect mats

Fixed dispensing volume of printer cartridge ink

Our products are widely used in applying to sheet metal, release agent etc in the chemical industry.


Dispensing fixed volume to lamp set part of the tail lamp unit

Adhesion of the filter paper of the air filter and the casing

Oil dispensing of the sliding portion of the gear

Small volume dispensing of bearing

Our fluid dispensing products are used mainly in the grease application on the sliding part and application in sealing component in the automotive industry.


Fixed dispensing volume of fluorescent plasma TV

Line dispensing on seal material before glass bonding

The dispensing products are used as a set with stainless steel pressure tanks in FPD manufacturing process such as film coating, sealant coating etc.


Filling into liquid medicine

Automatic dispensing of reagents

Cleanliness and hygiene is sought after in the pharmaceutical industry.
We have hibar filling pumps available which is suitable for autoclave in disassembly washing and cleaning.


Dispensing fixed volume into foundation palette

Dispensing hand cream into tube containers

Dispensing fixed volume into shampoo bottles

Hibar dispensing pumps are commonly used for filling small volumes into small packets or sachets in the cosmetic and toiletries industries.


Spraying cooking oil onto the bread tray

Filling salad oil into bottoles

Small volume dispensing of additives into drinks

Filling of fixed volume of caramel into cup pudding

Stirring pudding ingredients

Small volume dispensing of jam onto tarts

Small volume dispensing of jam onto tarts

Our liquid dispensing products are used in various applications such as filling of seasonings and spaying oil mist etc.