Air Diaphragm Valve V730 SFUH series

The dispenser valves, Air Diaphragm Valves V730 SFUH series are designed to dispense high viscosity materials. The flow channel in the inner structure of the valve is made broader for better dispensing volume and high viscosity materials. This dispensing valve is excellent in suppressing the air bubbles in the materials (known as cavitation) when dispensed.

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  • Excellent is suppressing air bubbles in the materials
  • Suitable for dispensing high viscosity materials
Operating Air Pressure 0.34 ~ 0.7MPa
Material Pressure Feeding Max 0.2MPa
Maximum Responding Time 200 times/minute
Pipe Connecting Diameter  Air Pressure In M5×0.8 (With Auto-Joint)
Material In PT1/8
Material Out Cap Nut Type Needle Adaptor