Brush Tip Dispensing Needles UNH series

The brush tip dispensing needles are designed for “spreading” applications such as glue, greases and other materials. The soft brush is made of kanegoat, nylon or polypropylene.You can select the most suitable brush based on the dispensing material and dispensing application. Pig bristle brush can be customized upon your request. The standard for bristle thickness is Φ0.05. Other thickness can also be customized upon your request. There are 2 sizes of brush width: Φ6 or Φ10. The needle that dispenses the fluid is usually 1 piece but 2 or 3 needles can be customized if required as the fluid can penetrate more evenly into the brush if more needles are used. The standard length of the soft brush is 10mm. We can also customize the length of the soft brush at every 1mm based on your requirement.

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