Desktop Dispensing Robot

Our Desktop Dispensing Robot UXY series are designed for small lot production of multiples types and they can achieve high precision dispensing and have a customizing function which allows user to create their own original programs. These desktop robot dispensing systems are very user friendly as they include features such as wide and viewable teaching pendant system with various languages, easy modification of data using JR C-Points software and enhanced memory capacity etc.

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Smooth Movement
Smooth movement is attained with micro-step control system.


Consistent Linear Dispensing
It can dispense consistently in a line from start to finish, with skipping over the tip of the starting point. It is also settable for thicker dispensing at the starting point.


It prevents the dispensing liquid from spraying, a common occurrence at the end of the dispensing jobs.


It can set a waiting time after dispensing or lower the Z-Axis acceleration rate to stop the dispensing flow cleanly and prevent any end-of-job stringing from the nozzle tip.


Filled In Function
It includes functions for rectangular (zigzag/spiral) and circular fill-in dispensing.


Dispensing Liquid Purging
It is equipped with a purge switch that prevents nozzle clogging by flushing out excess dispensing liquid. You can also set the robot to automatically purge the nozzle after each dispensing cycle.


Needle Adjuster 2( Optional)
It can automatically correct workpiece position, aligning it with the nozzle for consistently accurate dispensing.
*Compatible with needle size Φ 0.2mm ~ Φ 2.5mm.


  • Simultaneous control of X,Y,Z axes
  • Adhesion, potting , sealing: use with various materials
  • Instantaneous adhesive, silicon, epoxy resin, flux for soldering

Screw Fastening

  • Used for applications requiring precise tightening input exact conditions for torque, speed, degree, rotational direction and time


  • Point, line or arc soldering
  • Quick change soldering tip
  • Ideal for circuit boards, lead wires, QFP, piezoelectric parts





3-Axis Type (synchronous control) 3-Axis Type (synchronous control)

Operation Range

X.Y axis

200×200mm 300×320mm

Z axis

50mm 100mm

Portable Weight


5kg 5kg


2kg 2kg

Max Speed(PTP)*2

X.Y axis

500mm/sec(5~500mm/sec) 500mm/sec(5~500mm/sec)

(  ) setting range

Z axis

200mm/sec (2~200mm/sec) 200mm/sec (2~200mm/sec)

Max Speed (CP)*2

X,Y,Z combined speed

200mm/sec (0.1~200mm/sec) 200mm/sec (0.1~200mm/sec)

(  ) setting range


X,Y axis

±0.01mm ±0.01mm

Z axis

±0.01mm ±0.01mm

(Not including protruding parts)

W320×D364×H549mm W560×D511×H609mm

Body weight

17kg 30kg

Control Method

PTP(Point to Point), CP(Continuous path)

Interpolating Function

3-dimensional line and arc interpolation


Teaching Method

Remote teaching(JOG), Manual data input(MDI)

Teaching System

Software JR-C Points

Teaching Pattern

Direct teaching using a teaching pendant (optional)

Off-line teaching via a PC (optional)

Screen Display

Unit of Measure

mm, inch

Display Language

English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified characters only)

Program Capacity

255 programs

Data Capacity*4

Maximum 30000 points

External Interface

RS422 (for a teaching pendant)