Disposable Needles UNP series

The disposable needles UNP series is fitted at the tip of the syringe barrel BP series or needle adapter UNA series and is used to obtain the desired dispensing volume.

These dispensing tips are comprised of a polypropylene hub and a 304 stainless steel needle. It can be used with a wide variety of low to high viscosity fluids such as adhesives, epoxies, greases, oils, paints, solvents etc.

Due to its low price, it can be disposed once used. Therefore, no cleaning is required. The needle hubs are color coded according to the size for easy referencing and storage.The needle tips are wrapped individually with plastic case for safety. The disposable needles UNP series are sold in pack of 20 pieces.

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  •  Low cost and disposable
  • Low to high viscosity fluids