F series Rotary Valve (Servomotor Driven Dispensing Pumps)

The Hibar F Series Rotary Valve precision dispensing pumps are ideally suitable for higher viscosity applications that require dispensing volume of 544cc. The hibar pumps combine this proven dispensing technology with state-of-the-art servomotor drives to provide precise, programmable control over the dispense volume and speeds.

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  • Integrated check valves.
  • Self contained, easily adaptable to most automated filling equipment.
  • Integral servomotor drive with built-in motor controller.
  • High quality Stainless Steel construction.
  • Low maintenance design, long service life.
  • Dispensing fixed volume of high viscosity materials such as grease, adhesives
  • Precision filling of fixed volume of high viscosity food such as ketchup, jam
  • Precision filling of fixed volume of high viscosity medicine and cosmetics such as creams, ointment
  • Low speed and variable speed of coating of various kinds of liquid medicine

F series RV motor