Plunger Pump Controller CP50 series

The plunger pump controller CP50 series mainly controls the pneumatically driven plunger pump PM500 series. It can set dispensing time and suctioning time and change the pressurized air of the forward and backward movements with the internal solenoid controlled valve.

This pump controller can be used not only for plunger pumps PM500 series but also the Hibar pumps. The suction and dispensing time can be adjusted and set to 3 digits using the digital dispensing time adjustment switch and digital suctioning time adjustment switch.

It can be operated based on external signals by changing the operation mode. It is possible to obtain timer settings which are stable and have good setting reproducibility by using a 0.01 second digital quartz timer. The dispensed output can be checked even when it is integrated into a machine by using the shot switch. (Only in interval mode)

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Control System
Pneumatic, Electronic Control
Power Source
AC100V ±10% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
7VA and below
0.01 ~ 9.99s (digital setting)
Pressure Adjustment Range
0.01 ~ 0.7MPa
Operating Ability
400 times / minute