Pneumatic Valve Controller CV3 series

The pneumatic valve controller CV3 series is used for air pressure operated valves (V10, V110, V120, V130, V140). It is equipped with a circuit to maintain the dispensing input signal. The signal output is provided as a standard function. Complete protection from staining of adhesive is ensured with the use of stainless steel chassis. The dispensing can be checked by pressing the test switch on the panel.

It is possible to obtain timer settings which are stable and have good setting reproducibility by using a 0.01 second digital quartz timer. The timer range can be easily changed using an internal switch. (0.1-99.9 seconds)

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Control System
Air-pressure-electronically controlled
Power Source
AC100V±10% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
7VA or less
0.01 ~ 9.99sec (Digital setting)
Pressure Adjusting Range
0.01 ~ 0.7MPa
Operation Capability
400 times / minute