Pressure Tank TSR series

Pressure tanks TSR series are designed with the top and bottom protectors to be made as a ring type, to prevent the accumulation of the liquid. This has made it easier to clean, and has also improved its operating capability. Since it is a product which is made to order, you can choose the tank material from 3 available types, namely, SUS304, 316 and 316L. The relief valve has excellent chemical resistance, and the FFKM type is available as standard equipment. Both the inside and outside surfaces have been electro-polished, and hence the finish has a surface roughness coefficient of Ra 0.4. The top protector also serves as a handle and makes it easy to carry. Since electro-polishing has been done for the inside and outside surfaces of the tank and for the protectors as well, it has become easier to clean them.

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SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L
Operating Pressure
Lid Attach / Detach Mechanism
One-touch lock type
Fluid Outlet
Top port (Upper part) Rc1/4
Air Pressure Port
Top port (Upper part) Rc1/4
Sealing Method
O ring seal (NBR standard)
Electro-polishing of the inside and outside surfaces