Safety Valve / Relief Valve TRR series

The safety valve automatically starts releasing the excess air when the pressure goes beyond the set level. (TRR100, TRR200) 2 types are available depending on the pressure range.

The relief valve can be used to force exhaust by manually operating the exhaust lever or the pull ring.

It is compact and doesn’t take up space. Wetted parts are made of SUS316 and fluoro carbon so it has excellent corrosion resistance. Cracking pressure varies in the range of 0.02 – 0.34MPa (TRR100), 0.34 – 0.99MPa (TRR200). (Please specify the cracking pressure. We will adjust the pressure before shipping.)

Since the polyethylene cap is attached, it prevents direct contact with the fluid by changing the flow and prevents the contamination in the air from entering the valve.

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Cracking Pressure Range Pressure Limit Reverse Pressure Limit Flow Coefficient Temperature Range
0.02~0.34MPa 20MPa 20MPa 0.35 -23°C~190°C