Temperature Controller DT-SK2 series

The temperature controller DT-SK2 series is used as a set with ASK series to form the barrel cooling system. Temperature setting is set easily using digital switch. As the temperature display is digital, it can be managed more precisely. Temperature control can be managed more precisely using the Pt sensor.

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AC100C±10% 50/60Hz 35W/set
Surrounding Temperature
5°C ~ 55°C(No icing or condensation)
Surrounding Humidity
Relatively humid 25% ~ 85%
Preserved Temperature
0°C ~ 65°C (No icing or condensation)
Setting Method
Digital setting by up and down key
Cooling Capacity Criteria
Room(25) ~-15°C
Temperature Capacity Criteria
Room(25) ~+25°C
Temperature Setting Range
0.0 ~ 100.0°C
Temperature Display Range
0.0 ~ 100.0°C
around 2kg
Input Sensor
JPT100 Ω/0°C
Output Sensor
Thermo-module X2
Standard Accessories
Power cord(2m), Operating Manual