Top Peep Hole USO series

The top peep hole USO series is a clamp type. Since it is easy to dismantle and clean, simple maintenance or only the replacement of the glass is required when the glass gets dirty.

The size of the visible area between Φ26 – Φ110 (7 types) are available. 2 types of glass are available, regular tempered glass and borosillicate glass.

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[Max. pressure] Tempered glass: 1.0MPa / Borosillicate glass: 1.0 – 2.5MPa
[Ordinary Max. temperature] Tempered glass: 210°C / Borosillicate glass: 260°C
[Thermal shock resistance] Tempered glass: 100°C /Borosillicate  glass: 200°C



The standard one is tempered glass. The customized one is Borosillicate glass. Please note that Borosillicate glass is not applicable for “Second class pressure vessel”.