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We offer full service solutions with products ranging from fluid dispensing systems for low to high viscosity liquids, fluid dispensing valves, dispensing controllers, plunger pumps for precise dispensing, hibar pumps for precise filling, consumable products such as industrial dispensing syringes and cartridges, dispensing needles, custom made needles, standard pressure tanks, custom made pressure tanks, stirrer units etc.

Who We Are...

Since 1976, our headquarters, Unicontrols Co., Ltd, has manufactured and provided fluid dispenser systems to service the industrial markets including but not limited to electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, semiconductors, cosmetics, food and chemicals.

We offer a wide variety of industrial dispensing products such as fluid dispensers, dispensing valves, dispenser controllers, valve controllers, temperature controllers and our consumable products include dispensing syringe barrels, dispensing tips / dispensing needles and cartridges.

In addition, Unicontrols is one of the world’s leading pressure tank manufacturers. Besides carrying our standard range of pressurized tanks, our product offering includes tank options such as level gauges, relief valves, level sensors, tank mixers / tank stirrers along with others. We can also manufacture custom made air pressure

tank stirrers along with others. We can also manufacture custom made air pressure tanks according to your requirements if none of our standard pressurized tanks meets your application requirements.

We are also proud to be the authorized distributor of Hibar, selling precision hibar metering pumps and fillers in South East Asia region. Hibar pumps, well recognized in the world for their high precision dispensing, have been widely used in manufacturing industries all over the world.

With our vast selection of industrial products such as pressure tanks and custom made air pressure tanks, fluid dispenser systems, dispensing products and hibar metering pumps, Unicontrols can offer high quality liquid dispensing solutions to meet your requirements.