CEO Message

Since establishment of business in 1976, our headquarters, Unicontrols Co., Ltd, have specialized in manufacturing small to medium size pressurized stainless tanks with our expertise & know-how knowledge. We are one of leading companies in Japan who handles fluid control equipment such as fluid dispensers for controlling fluid materials, plunger pumps that can do high precision dispensing as well as pressurized tanks & vacuum tanks. Our technical team has vast knowledge in the background of technology and know-how of our products. Our products can cater to your applications if your requested product requires fluid dispensing of less than 500 litre.

We are always developing new technological strategies in response to the ever-changing world and have been constantly exploring new markets. Our products are widely used in electronic, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics fields. Nowadays, our products have also been used in manufacturing of smartphones and tablets.

We also receive high evaluation by Hibar Systems Limited who is a worldwide manufacturer of plunger pumps. We currently deal in a variety of Hibar pumps used in more than 40 countries as distributor in China, exclusive distributor in Japan, Southeast Asia and Taiwan. We are planning to increase our sales in overseas market making the most of our worldwide network such as tie-up with local companies.

We will continue to put in our best efforts to provide the best solutions for our customers. We look forward to your ongoing support and feedback.

Eiichi Tochigi
Unicontrols Co., Ltd

Company History


Established Unicontrols Co., Ltd. in Edogawa, Tokyo


Opened a branch in Suita, Osaka.


Opened a business office in Urayasu, Chiba.


Opened a business office in Chuo, Tokyo. As a result, Urayasu office becamethe head office.


Concluded the exclusive agency contract for the territory of Japan with Hibar System Limited.


Built a factory in Tsubame, Niigata.


Established Unicontrols Shanghai Liquid Dispensing Equipment Co., Ltd in Shanghai, China.


Concluded an agency contract for the territory of China with Hibar System Limited.


Built a factory in Shanghai, China.


Established Unicontrols Taiwan Co., Ltd. in Taipei, Taiwan.


- Established Unicontrols Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
- Concluded an agency contract for the territory of South East Asia with Hibar System Limited as authorized Hibar Distributor of Hibar Precision Dispensing Pumps & Fillers.
- Concluded an agency contract for the territory of Taiwan with Hibar System Limited.
- Moved the production line of Old factory in Niigata to new factory in Niigata since new factory was built in Tsubame Niigata.


Established Suzhou Unicontrols Stainless Steel Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, China. Moved the function of factory in Shanghai to factory in Suzhou China.


- Obtained ISO certificate for design and manufacturing of pressure tanks and assembly of accessory equipments at Niigata factory
- Unicontrols Co., Ltd concluded business collaboration with Nordson EFD as partners


Taiwan sales office moved to Hsinchu

Company Overview

Company Name

Mr Eiichi Tochigi

Managing Director
Mr Takenori Nagasawa

Mr Shinjiro Nishimura

Nov 2011

Main Business

sales of:

fluid dispensing systems, fluid dispensers, liquid dispenser controllers pressure tanks, custom made air pressure tanks and tank accessories and options such as relief valves, level gauges, level sensors, tank mixers or stirrers, tank mixer blades etc.

fluid dispensing valves, liquid dispenser controllers, valve controllers, temperature controllers dispense tips / dispense needles, disposable needles, metal needles, disposable syringes, syringe barrels and syringe adapters etc.

Sole Distributor of Hibar Precision Dispensing Pumps & Fillers in South East Asia including Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam

163 Tras Street, #03-04,Lian Huat Building, S(079024)

Unicontrols Singapore Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Unicontrols Co., Ltd, is established in Nov 2011 as a sales office to serve the local markets and South East Asia.

Our headquarters, Unicontrols Co., Ltd, was founded in 1976 to service the industrial markets and has been the leader in providing adhesive dispensing and liquid dispensing solutions globally.

We have assisted thousands of companies to achieve high precision dispensing with our broad range of industrial dispensing products including hibar metering pumps, fluid dispensers, fluid dispensing systems, fluid dispensing valves for automated production lines, liquid dispenser controllers, valve controllers and temperature controllers, and consumable products such as dispensing syringe barrels, dispense tips / dispense needles and cartridges in the industry.

Currently focusing on precision metering pumps, Hibar pumps are widely used in industries such as electronics, automotive, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics. They are even used by battery manufacturers throughout the world for filling batteries with electrolytes and have set the global standards in the battery industries.

With over 30 years of experience in tank design and construction, Unicontrols Co., Ltd has its own manufacturing factory in Niigata Japan with technical support department and design department. Coupled with the state-of the –art technology and equipment, we have developed our standard range of stainless steel tanks , tank accessories and tank options for customers in various industries such as food and cosmetics, medicine or pharmaceuticals, resin synthesis, paint or coatings, and ink or involving relatively high sanitary or sealing requirements or equipped with various stirring devices.

Besides our standard range of pressurized tanks, we can provide non-standard pressure tanks according to customers’ specific requests.

Regardless of whether your liquid dispensing application is using low or high viscosity materials, Unicontrols Singapore offers a variety of adhesive dispensing and fluid dispensing systems solutions to meet your requirements.