Needle Valve V110 series

The dispenser valves, Needle Valves can dispense low viscosity materials with viscosity as low as water to high viscosity materials in accurate and repeatable amountsdue to a minimal dead fluid zone between shots. It is easy to maintain with little or no downtime. A stroke control adjustment which is the dispensing volume regulator dial makes it easy to fine-tune shot sizes up to precise deposits.The needle valves can also be used especially for materials in which fillers have been mixed such as one-component epoxy, paints, silicone etc.

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  • Simple and low maintenance design
  • Zero dead fluid zone
  • Precise and consistent shot sizes
  • Adjustable flow control

  • One-component epoxy, silicone, oils and grease, UV resins, resists, inks, paints, thread lockers and organic solvents
Operating Air Pressure
Above 0.29MPa
Material Pressure Feeding
Maximum 0.69MPa
Minimum Dispensing Volume
Maximum Cycle Time
200 times / minute
Pipe Connection Diameter
Air pressure IN M5 or dedicated coupler
Material IN Rc1/8
Material OUT Needle adapter