Pinch Valve V30, V31 series

The dispenser valves, Pinch Valves are designed to dispense low to high viscosity materials. This valve relies on a valve controller that sends a pre-programmed air signal to open the valve and allow the fluid to flow. The “ON/OFF” control is achieved by automatically opening and closing (pinching) the pinch. The tube is available in 2 types, FEP and polyurethane.The only part of the valve making contact with the fluid being dispensed is the disposable pinch tube and thus maintenance is easy. Since the valve has a nozzle holder attached to it, it can be firmly positioned even when it is mounted onto an automated machine.

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  • Disposable pinch tube
  • Simple to operate
  • Optional Polyurethane and FEP tubes are available
  • Maintenance is not required

Two component epoxy, silicone, oils, resists, inks, paints, organic solvents, solder creams, conductive pastes

Operating Air Pressure
Above 0.29MPa
Material Pressure Feeding
Maximum 0.69MPa
Minimum Dispensing Volume
Pipe Connection Diameter
Air pressure IN: M5 or dedicated coupler
Pinch tube
Polyurethane outer diameter OD Φ 3
FEP outer diameter OD Φ 6
Material OUT: Needle adapter