Poppet Valve V10 series

The dispenser valves, Poppet Valves are designed to dispense medium to high viscosity materials such as epoxies, silicone, oil, grease etc. The diaphragm (PTFE) is used for the top seal of the valve and this prevents the liquid from penetrating into the drive body. They also feature “suck back” anti-drip function by adjusting the adjusting knob to control drips of fluid between dispense cycles. The dispensing volume regulator dial makes it easy to fine-tune shot sizes up to precise deposits.

The pneumatic valve controller CV3 series is a suitable controller for the dispensing valve V10 series.

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  • Precise and consistent shot sizes
  • Suck back anti-drip function
  • Maintenance is usually not required for general usage except for cases whereby the fluid has hardening property or abrasion in the sealing parts etc

Epoxies, silicone, oil, grease, UV, ink, paint, natural curing

Operating Air Pressure Above 0.34MPa
Material Pressure Feeding Maximum 0.69MPa
Minimum Dispensing Volume 0.005cc
Flow 2556ccm
Maximum Cycle Time 200 times / minute
Air pressure IN M5 or dedicated coupler
Pipe Connection Diameter Material IN Rc1/8
Material OUT Needle adapter or Rc1/8 or Rc1/4
Weight 245g