Customized Pressurized Tanks

Besides our standard range of pressure tanks, we can also accommodate to manufacture customized pressurized tanks ranging in capacity size from 1 Litre to 200 Litres based on our customers’ requirements.

The manufacturing facility located in our factory in Niigata Japan conforms to the stringent standards for plant inspection and all our pressure tanks are designed to meet the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) certified. Besides JIS certified, our pressure tanks can also be designed to comply with JKKP standards for Malaysia market.
Closure Options  
Several different types of closure options add flexibility to your pressure tanks use are Flange Bolt Nut, Flange U Groove Swing Bolt Nut, U Groove Bolt Nut.
Added Features
Added features to the pressure tanks provide more convenience for easy of use, easier transportation, and protect it against harsh environment providing efficiency to your daily operations.
Castors welded on the tank body makes it easier to transport the tank during shipment and use.
Side window peep hole or top peep hole welded on the tank body enables the operator to view the remaining amount of liquid in the pressure tank, and refill the liquid when necessary.
PFA/FEP coating or ceramic coating to the inner surface of the pressurized tanks to prevent direct contact of liquid to the inner surface of the tank to reduce corrosion.